What is Desktop Publishing ?

One of our main roles is that we are a DTP service provider. DTP stands for Desktop Publishing and it refers to the creation of documents using page layout software.


Typically, this includes the combining and rearranging of text and imagery (in case there are any images) through computer software, using Fonts and Graphics of your choice, to produce documents such as Newsletters, Brochures, Manuals, Slide shows, Books, etc. This field is one of the most popular services among translation services in egypt.


Quality communication involves a graphic design phase, which often complements a translation. Although the commonest kinds of DTP work , provided by translation services in egypt, do not generally pose any problems, technical, scientific or commercial documents do require the involvement of a graphic designer using “Desktop Publishing software” as a part of Software translation services. This designer will be able to digitise a photo or a diagram, or even redesign a drawing or a sketch.


What Is Multilingual Desktop Publishing?


Multilingual Desktop publishing is typically one of the last phases in a translation or localization project, offered by a DTP service provider, and involves using the source language document or file to reproduce the layout in the target language(s) while performing all the necessary technical and cultural adaptations. The ultimate goal of desktop publishing is to deliver a document that looks as if it were originally created in the target language.


Desktop publishing may include:


  • Extracting content from files or even non-editable formats for translation

  • Making text read from right to left (for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic and Urdu)

  • Modifying the stylesheet or template attached to the document

  • Changing the fonts to match the script of the target language(s)

  • Regenerating the table of contents

  • Resorting the index according to the target language

  • Editing graphics

  • Making adjustments within the layout to accommodate text expansion or reduction

  • Addressing issues related to columns, tables and graphs



A good Software translation services company will provide finalized print-ready documents and/or screen-ready localized online or digital materials. Upon delivery, you should not need to perform any additional work.



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